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  1. Teams to consist of six players playing one frame each, two points awarded for each frame won. If a team is short of players on the night, up to two players can play another frame, only one point shall be awarded if that player wins. These names to be drawn at the start of the match from at least four players. Players will have individual handicaps, to be placed on scoreboard at start of each frame.

  2. Home captains shall be responsible for organising the draw and playing order.

  3. League winners will be the team having the highest number of points at the end of the season.

  4. Any team with less than four players, team opponents will be awarded two points per frame not played.

  5. Home team Captain shall be responsible for match sheets completed with each player's Christian and Surname (nicknames are not permitted on score sheets), and must be received by the Snooker secretary by last post on Saturday following the match. Late arrivals will incur 1 point being deducted.

  6. Players from Lower divisions may play in a Higher division within the same club on a maximum of six matches per season. Players from a Higher divisions may not play in Lower divisions having once played in that season. Players may play for one team only in a cup competition in any one season. Knockout and Secretary's cup are deemed the same competition.

  7. League matches to commence at 7:30pm with play continuous until the end of the match. If a delay does occur one frame is forfeited after 15 minutes and thereafter every 30 minutes.

  8. Leagues to consist of a maximum of 12 teams.

  9. All complaints, problems, queries etc., applicable to Snooker MUST be referred to the Snooker Secretary initially.

  10. A player may play for only one team on any match night.

  11. If a team play an unregistered player the frame will be awarded to the opposing team regardless of the result.

  12. One point will be deducted if results not phoned in as instructed.

  13. When matches are officiated by quallified referees, the MISS RULE may be applied at the discretion of the referee.
  1. In all Knockout and Secretary's cup matches, teams to consist of six players, playing one frame each, two points awarded for each frame won. If a team is short of players on the night, up to two players can play another frame, only one point shall be awarded if that player wins, these names should be drawn at thew start of the match.

  2. Teams which play a Cup tied or unregistered player will be disqualified from the competition.

  3. In both the Knock-Out and Secretary's Cup, league handicaps to be put on scoreboard at start of each frame.

  4. In a draw situation each captain will nominate one person to play a deciding game.


  1. The dates and venues of all rounds, semi-finals, final and general conditions to be decided by the secretary in accordance with the general rules.

  2. The pairs, Handicap and Division individuals will all be played over the best of 5 frames. Handicaps shall not apply to division individual or pairs tournaments.

  3. All rounds to be drawn on a home or away basis, except Semi-finals and finals which shall be on nominated tables.

  4. It is the responsibility of the HOME player(s) to contact their opponents within 7 days of the draw being circulated to arrange the date on which the match is to be played. If a date cannot be agreed, the matter to be referred to the Snooker secretary. Winners to notify the secretary by phone on completion of match. If the secretary does not receive a result by the stipulated date BOTH players will be eliminated from the competition.
  1. Trophy was presented to the League by Mr. Hardiment (late president).

  2. To be competed for each season by Billiards and Snooker Leagues in rotation.

  3. Type of competition to be decided at the AGM.

  4. Rules to be within general league practice.


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