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  1. The League shall be called the Alby & District Billiards, Darts and Snooker League. The aim of the league is to foster and improve the games of Billiards, Darts and Snooker in a sporting atmosphere. The League shall be composed of Teams approved by the committee.

  2. All Teams must pay the League fee at the A.G.M.

  3. The management of the League shall be vested in it's officers, i.e. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Billiards Secretary, Snooker Secretary, plus 2 additional members from each section i.e. Billiards, Darts, Snooker. A minimum of 5 members must be present to pass a decision. The Committee to be elected at each AGM

  4. Voting at League meetings is one vote per team, at the AGM every member present is entitled to vote.

  5. The duties of the Honorary Secretary and Treasurer shall be to keep a record of business transacted at meetings, press reports etc. and shall carry out all other duties in accordance with the decisions and directions of the league and it's committees. The Treasurer shall submit to the AGM a balance sheet of the seasons activities.

  6. The duties of the Billiards and Snooker secretaries shall be to keep records of matches played, tournament league tables and press reports.

  7. The Leagues shall be run in as many divisions as the Committee deem necessary. Promotion and Relegation shall be:-
      Division 1      2 down
      Division 2      2 up

  8. The referee shall be mutually agreed by both teams and players and shall have full authority over the game. League match refereeing should be on a shared basis (3 games per team).

  9. The HOME Club should phone the results in as directed. Completed match sheets should be returned to the appropriate Secretary.

  10. All players must be registered with the Secretary before being eligible to play and they must be a member of their club. They may only play for one team in any one league in a season, with the exception of the Club ceasing or exceptional circumstances, which will be referred to the management committee for consideration. Players may be registered on the night of play with the registration form being countersigned by the opposing team captain.

  11. Matches to be played as per fixture list

  12. Any Club postponing a match must have a sound reason (i.e. illness or weather). Postponed matches must be mutually re-arranged and played within 1 month. The appropriate secretary must be informed of cancellations and re-arrangements.

  13. Any team not completing its fixtures may be liable to a fine.

  14. In the event of teams finishing level on points for league winners, runners-up or relegation positions, the matches won will be used to decide the final positions. If this is still a tie then play offs will be arranged.

  15. A fine of £5 may be levied to any Club not represented at League meetings.

  16. Semi-finals and finals in all knockout tournaments will be played onvenues nominated by the appropriate secretary at the start of the season.

  17. The appropriate secretary will arrange all tournaments. Any player or players failing to turn up at a venue to play an arranged match without informing the secretary will be disqualified and ineligible to enter that tournament the following season, subject to the management committee's decision.

  18. All trophies shall be the property of the League, club or individual winners shall be responsible for their safe custody and shall return them in good condition when asked by the league.

  19. Any dispute for whatever reason should be refered to the management committee who shall at their discretion, fine or take disciplinary action against offenders, including the deduction of points.

  20. Complaints may be telephoned to the General Secretary, but must be confirmed in writing within 1 week

  21. Re-registrations must be signed by both clubs involved. Permanent transfers must be referred to the Management Committee and will not be allowed after half the league programme has been played.

  22. Entries for all competitions must be submitted on the relevant entry form and completed by the player. Completed entry forms must be returned to the appropriate secretary no later than the closing date. No entries will be accepted unless this procedure is strictly adhered to.


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