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General rules
Darts rules
Snooker rules


  1. All games to be played over 40 minutes or until a totaal of 150 points has been reached by one player (whichever comes first), a digital timer to be used, All matches must use Pro-Cup Biliards balls (spotted yellow an white), players to string for choice of break.

  2. Teams to consist of a maximum of six players or a minimum of three 9players can play two games if necessary.

  3. Home captain to be responsible for organising the draw and playing order.

  4. One point awarded for each game won. 1 bonus point for the team with the highest aggregate score.

  5. League winners will be the Club with the highest number of points at the end of the season.

  6. If a team fails to play all six games, that teams opponents will be awarded games not played, 2 points per game plus the bonus point.

  7. If both teams fail to play all six games then NO bonus point will be awarded to either team.

  8. League matches to commence at 7pm with play continuous until the end of the match. If a delay does occur, 1 game will be forfeited after 15 minutes and thereafter every 30 minutes.

  9. All complaints, problems, queries etc applicable to Billiards MUST be referred to the Billiards Secretary initially.

  10. Players are responsible for keeping a record of their handicap on their personal handicap record card. If a plyer wins a game they deduct 5 points from their handicap, if they lose they add 5 points to their handicap.


  1. First round 150 up, Quarter Final 200 upand Semi Final, 250 up and Final 300 up, players to string for choice of break.

  2. The dates and venues of all rounds, semi-finals and finals, and general conditions to be decided by the Billiards secretary in accordance with the general rules..
  1. All games to be of 30 minute duration, using a fixed handicap set from the players handicap and end of league matches. The result to be decided by the total difference in the aggregate score.

  2. Handicaps are capped at a maximum of plus 120 points for all cup matches.
  1. Trophy was presented to the League by Mr. Hardiment (late president).

  2. To be competed for each season by Billiards. Darts, and Snooker leagues in turn.

  3. Type of competition to be decided at the AGM.

  4. Rules to be within general league practice.


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