David Nichols (Pinewood B), winner of the Gerald Burton-Pye individual billiards receiving his trophy from Mrs Burton-Pye. Roger Reynolds (Pinewood B), runner up in the Individual billiards.
Noel Currie (Trunch), winner of the Roy Wegg Handicap Billiards. Andrew Bean (Trunch), Handicap Billiards runner up
Colin McCarthy and David Nichols (Pinewood B & Virgo's), winners of the Pairs Billiards John Filby (Aylmerton), receiving Billiards Pairs runners-up trophy with Peter Fisher, on behalf of Adrian Taylor.
David Nichols (Pinewood B), winner of the North Norfolk Billiards. Mick Welch, runner up in North Norfolk Billiards.
Andrew Lubbock (Knapton), Darts Singles Winner. Brian Parnell (Aylsham), Darts Singles runner-up
Andrew Lubbock and John Farrow (Knapton), winners of Darts Pairs. Garry Hall and Phillip Currie (Trunch), Darts Pairs runners-up.
League President, Aubrey Ampleford (Aylsham B), Snooker Division 2 Individual winner. Snooker Division 2 Individual runner-up, Ivan Groom (Banningham B).
George Hacon (North Walsham B), Snooker Division 3 Individual Winner. Dave Young (Aylsham C), Snooker Division 3 Individual runner-up.
David Nichols (Virgo's A), Snooker Handicap winner. Darren McKnespiey (Morley A), Handicap Snooker runner-up.
Colin McCarthy and David Nichols (Virgo's A), Snooker Pairs winners. Roger Reynods and Rob Jones (Virgo's A), Snooker Pairs runners-up.
Chaz Sizeland, Under 19's tournament winner. Hardiment Trophy Winners John Carman, Rob Jones and Roger Reynolds (Virgo's A).
David Nichols (Pinewood B), Highest Billiards Break 148. Ian Dennis (Pinewood B), Highest Darts Game Shot 129.
Darren McKnespiey (Morley A), Highest Snooker Break 76. North Walsham's Derek Wright voted Most Sporting Player (Billiards).
Aylsham C Snooker Division 3 Winners.    
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